Premago of Gurndin Benjamin.


  1. Introduction
  2. Responsible company and the rights of the party concerned
  3. Processing personal data
  4. Obligations toward the client
  5. Video surveillance in the photo studio
  6. Delivery order data
  7. Cookies
  8. Data in forms
  9. Storage period of contributions and comments
  10. Google Analytics

1. Introduction

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust in us is very important to us.In order for your personal data to be secure with us during processing, we adhere strictly to the legal provisions where our processing of data is concerned. Our clients are obliged to comply with the data protection legislation, in particular the data secrecy provisions, and safeguard us from any damages or legal proceedings in this respect. The data that are made available to us by our clients we can only process and transfer using the registry number of the client (as the contracting client in the terms of the data protection legislation). The following data protection declaration will explain, which personal data are processed and who you can contact in case of concerns.


2. Responsible company and the rights of party concerned

The company responsible for the processing and use of your personal data according to the European Data Protection regulation (“DSGVO”) is  Premago des Gurndin Benjamin (“Premago”). Premago can be reached as follows:

Premago of Gurndin Benjamin

Luigi-Negrelli Straße, 15  I-39100 Bolzano (IT)

Telephone: +39 3483753206



At any time you can have information about the data stored with us and make use of your rights of access, amendment or deletion of your data. Please apply to the aforementioned contact data. According to article 15 DSGVO your request for information can only be processed if it is accompanied by a copy of an ID card or passport, on which you are clearly identifiable. Moreover, the request for information must be put in writing (letter, fax, e-mail). All other requests for information ( e.g. by telephone) cannot be processed unfortunately.


3. Processing personal data

Premago processes address material ( postal addresses) for direct marketing on behalf of the client. This address material is personalised data as defined in the DSGVO. As far as the processing of the address data by employees and partners is concerned, Premago commits itself to the greatest care according to the provisions of the DSGVO.When, as part of a contractual relationship, personal data are made known to Premago, Premago has the right to store these for the implementation of the contract as well as for further advertising activities on the part of Premago. The client explicitly consents to this. Premago undertakes not to pass these data on to third parties without consent.


4. Obligations toward the client

Premago undertakes, in particular, to process the personal data received exclusively for the agreed purpose as mentioned in the contract. The data are exclusively processed by employees who have been instructed in the provisions of the data protection regulations, and always within the terms of the service contract concluded with the client. Premago acknowledges the data ownership of the client and agrees to allow a check of the proper processing according to the data protection regulations at the premises of Premago. Premago is liable to the client for all the damages that might arise out of the wilful breach of the service contract concluded.


5. Video surveillance in the photo studio

Video surveillance serves to optically monitor the photo studio. This is done on the basis of Art. 6, par.1 (f) DSGVO.In the case of criminal offences or accidents the video footage is saved on the video server for 48 hours. After this period the footage is irretrievably deleted. Passing on data to a third party only happens, if we are obliged by law to do so. Data are not passed on to a third country. You have the right to demand a confirmation from the responsible party if personal data are being processed.  Is this the case, then you have the right to information about these personal data and to the detailed information as enumerated in article 15 DSGVO. You have the right to demand from those responsible the immediate correction of incorrect personal data and, if applicable, the completion of incomplete personal data (art 16 DSGVO). You have the right to demand from those responsible the immediate deletion of personal data, when one of the individually listed grounds from article 17 DSGVO applies, for instance when the data are no longer necessary for the purpose pursued (right to deletion). You have the right to demand the restriction of the data processing for the duration of the inspection by the person responsible when one of the conditions of Art. 18 DSGVO is met, e.g. when you have appealed against the processing. You have the right to appeal against the processing of personal data regarding your person, on grounds proceeding from your particular situation. The party responsible will stop processing these personal data unless the party responsible can provide the compelling and legitimate grounds mentioned in Art. 21 DSGVO. Art. 77 DSGVO leaves unimpaired your right to lodge a complaint with a regulatory body when you are of the opinion that the processing of personal data goes against the regulations of DSVGO. You can assert this right with a regulatory body in the member state of your abode, your place of work or the place of the presumed violation.


6. Mailing order data

The dispatch of order data takes place via e-mail or online via WeTransfer. When necessary data in e-mail attachments are sent encrypted/password-protected. The password is communicated in a separate e-mail. The data uploaded to WeTransfer are automatically deleted after a certain time. The length of time depends on the WeTransfer account that is used.  Data are stored and then deleted either after 7 days (WeTransfer) or 4 weeks (WeTransferPlus).


7. PayPal

Our website enables you to pay via PayPal, using Provider of this pay service is PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. When paying via PayPal, a transfer of your payment data is effected to PayPal. The forwarding of your data to PayPal is based on Art. 6, par. 1 (a) DSGVO and Art. 6 par 1 (b) DSGVO. At any time you can revoke your consent. Data-processing operations from the past continue to be effective when consent is revoked.


8. Cookies

Accepting cookies is not a condition to visit our website. When visiting our website cookies are used for communications purposes and to avoid spam. As regards the nature of the collected data and the storage period of the cookies we refer you to the relevant paragraphs in this data protection declaration.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files which are stored on your data carrier. They contain certain settings and data for the exchange between your browser and our website. Basically we distinguish these kinds of cookies:

  • Technical cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the website
  • Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser
  • Temporary cookies are stored for a longer period of time
  • Third-Party-cookies, e.g.Google Analytics, are necessary to determine on-line efficacy

This storage helps us create an adequate design for our website and for you it facilitates the use of the website. 

Which cookies do we use?

Most cookies used by the domain “” are session cookies that are deleted when the browser is closed. A few temporary cookies are stored for a longer period (6 months to 2 years).

How can you prevent he storage of cookies?

In the settings of every browser you can accept, deactivate or limit the storage of cookies. As a rule this can be effected through the Help-menu of the browser. There you will find a description of how new cookies can be refused and how cookies you have already received can be deactivated. Detailed information on the cookie settings can be found in the manual of your browser.


9. Data in forms

Data transferred via contact forms, including your contact data, are stored in order to be able to process your order, or to be ready for your further questions. These data will not be passed on without your consent. The processing of the data submitted on the contact form only happens with your consent (Art 6, par.1 (a) DSGVO). Withdrawing  the consent you have already given is possible at any time. For the withdrawal of consent a simple e-mail stating this, suffices. The legality of the data processing operations carried out before the withdrawal of consent remains unaffected. The data transmitted via the contact form remain with us, until you order them to be deleted, revoke your consent to store them or there is no longer a necessity to store them. Mandatory statutory provisions – especially storage periods – remain intact.

The following data are requested on the contact form:

  • E-mail address of the recipient
  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your firm
  • Where your firm is registered
  • Your VAT number
  • Your Tax Identification Number
  • Other personal data
  • Other order-related data

These data are e-mailed to the chosen contact person and stored on the website for an indefinite time.


10. Storage period of contributions and comments

Contributions and comments and the data connected with them, e.g. IP-addresses, are stored. This content remains on our website until it is completely deleted, or has to be deleted on judicial grounds. The storage of contributions and comments takes place on the basis of your consent (Art 6, par, 1 (a) DSGVO).  Revoking the given consent is possible at any time. A simple e-mail stating the consent is revoked, suffices. The legality of the data processing operations carried out before the withdrawal of consent, remains unaffected.


11. Google Analytics

We make use of several services that help us manage and improve our on-line offers. In particular we make use of such services to measure the efficacy of our on-line advertising and the acceptance of our on-line offers. To this end we and our contracted service providers use “Web-Beacons” and/or “Cookies” to gather the following information: which pages are visited when, how often and in what order and which links or offers were then clicked. The evaluation of these data takes place statistically only and is not personalised. The information we collect in this way help us understand which pages are attractive for the users of our on-line services, which products our customers are most interested in and what offers we should make to our customers. If you don’t like this information for analysis to be collected during your visits to our website, you can change the settings of your browser in such a way that it will not accept cookies. You will find the steps necessary to accomplish this in the manual of your internet browser. The settings vary with every browser manufacturer. In particular we make use of part of the “Google Analytics” service in order, with its help, to have a clearer understanding of how our website is used. The relevant privacy notice of Google can be found under the following link: